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Error-tolerant PostgreSQL for data rescue

Database corruption always happens before we prepare for it. “Back up or give up” is the most frequently recommended solution. The main reason is database engines...

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Updating PostgreSQL version 10 to version 14 in dockerized Zulip instance

Upgrade from Zulip 5 to Zulip 6 requires updating PostgreSQL version from 10 to 14.

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Migrating from CVS to Git

CVS is still around for many important projects, making it difficult to scale their development. Tutorials available for this topic are not robust enough for ease...

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Use multiple mirrors in apt

There is an interesting and not so well-known feature of APT package manager: the ability to automatically choose a download mirror for every individual operation.

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Enabling GPU device debugging in HIP

In order to debug a GPU kernel with cuda-gdb, we add -G -O0 to nvcc command line, which in case of CMake would be:

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Working with Overleaf via Git

Overleaf deploys Git to track collaborative modifications to projects. Moreover, a user has an option to work with Overleaf’s Git backend directly. It supports Gi...

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QWebEngineView remains blank whatever I do

In the most recent version of PyQt5, QWebEngineView refuses to draw any page content. Aparently, the solution is to disable sandboxing, as mentioned in this comme...

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Installing CUDA from DEB packages without graphics

You may want to have your NVIDIA GPU not to be involved in any desktop rendering for many reasons. While this is the default on the headless servers, personal sys...

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VPN tunnelling for ipv6 only providers

The number of providers having problems with ipv4 support is growing. Recently we came across an ISP, which offers only ipv6, and is able to connect only to ipv6 ...

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