Dmitry Mikushin

Co-founder of Purple Gaze Inc.
Owner of Applied Parallel Computing LLC

About me

You can always find me where research programming (Fortran, MATLAB, Python) and classical supercomputing (MPI, OpenMP) meets modern hardware (GPUs, TPUs) and performance optimization (C++, profiling, vectorization, etc.). I enjoy working as a trainer at Applied Parallel Computing LLC, a company that provides online and offline courses on CUDA, OpenCL, OpenACC and Machine Learning. I co-founded Purple Gaze Inc. to show how inexpensive and fast eyetracking software can be. I collaborate with the University of Lausanne in scientific programming for economics and finance. Long time ago I started as a DevTech engineer at NVIDIA and got my Masters from Lomonosov Moscow State University. For more info, check out my coding blog, public talks, and projects.